The Electoral Code

Chapter I. Elected Offices

  1. The offices of Minister-President and Citizen-Speaker shall be considered elected offices.

  2. Any citizen of Carcassonne may stand for election to any elected office.

    1. No person may hold multiple elected positions simultaneously.
  3. An election for an elected office shall be held if three months have passed since the start of the previous election for said office, the Ecclesia chooses to hold an election for said office by a majority vote, or said office is vacant.

  4. No person may serve in the same elected office for more than two consecutive terms.

  5. The Ecclesia may remove any person holding an elected office by a majority vote.

Chapter II. Electoral Commission

  1. The Minister-President shall appoint up to three election commissioners with the advice and consent of the Senate.

  2. The election commissioners shall administer any elections for an elected office.

  3. If there are no election commissioners serving, the Monarch shall administer such elections in their stead.

  4. Election commissioners shall serve terms of six months. Terms for the first office of election commissioner shall begin on the first of Ventaire and Tonneral.1 Terms for the second office election commissioner shall begin on the first of Boisaire and Sidéral.2 Terms for the third office of election commissioner shall begin on the first of Gaïôse and Cielidor.3

  5. Should any office of election commissioner be vacant, an election commissioner may be appointed to serve the remainder of the term.

Chapter III. Electoral Method

  1. Voting shall be conducted by secret ballot

  2. Should there be more than two candidates standing in any election, said election shall be conducted by Schulze Condorcet.

  3. Should there be a tie in any election, the election shall be extended for one week. Should the election continue to be tied after the extension has elapsed, the election shall be resolved by the senate.

1. August 26 and February 25.
2. October 26 and April 27, or April 26 on a leap year.
3. December 26 and June 27, or June 26 on a leap year.