Ns is down

Yeah, NS is down. Big sad. Give your grief hre.


*sad raccoon noises*


Picture me holding a chair in a blind rage

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i got u fam

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My guy

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Someone hold me! Guinea pigs are silent when they’re sad, so you need to comfort me all the time just to make sure. And give me hay. And pets. And veggies. And floor time. And veggies.


guys i think he wants fruits

Aww cute hamburger

Good news! NS’ error screen has said that it will be back online in a day or two! Someone pinch me, i must be dreaming!


That’s some really great news, despite our cards being at risk of disappearing, I hope my card collecting industry will be safe!

We - frack - I need better trading systems and the massive error has just shown us what good can come out of improving the old shtuff. But NO. UC says “you can has shiny on your website but we find no reason to update our interface” like yeah, i agree, the inferface is decent right now but please for the love of god add something new we havent gotten anything new since the banner update

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I was expecting that to happen too but who knows?

Meh idc at this point

Yay, today is a good day. I’ve been so stressed but now everything seems to be looking up, including NS.

What with?

The stress or the getting better?


Day…I don’t even know long it’s been without nationstates. It feels like years, I don’t know if I can go on much longer without funny political simulator😢

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Same lol

(i am in another region tho and i can’t move to carcassone since NS is down. i’ll do it when the site goes back up.)

Good thing it says that the site will go back up in 1 or two days

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I had a great morning but my Spring Break has made me feel terribly bored, which makes other issues of mine worse. Thanks for asking!

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