Transparency and Responsibility Oath Act

Chapter I. Oath of Office

  1. All elected Officers, Electoral Commissioners, executive Cabinet members, and Clerks of the Ecclesia shall be required to take the following oath before assuming their respective offices:

    “I, [nation name], do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the duties of my office as the [position] to the best of my ability, to uphold and defend the Constitution of Carcassonne, to serve the people of Carcassonne with integrity, and to promote our cultural heritage and the well-being of our region. I pledge to act transparently, responsibly, and in the best interest of all citizens of Carcassonne, and to refrain from any actions that may compromise the trust placed in me by the people.”

  2. The oath shall be administered by the Monarch of Carcassonne, as expressed through a thread maintained by the Monarch.

  3. The oath-taking ceremony shall be public and conducted within a reasonable timeframe after the election or appointment of the individual.

Chapter II. Voluntary Compliance

  1. While this Act aims to promote good governance through an oath, it shall not be construed as limiting or preventing additional measures and initiatives by individuals to promote transparency, integrity, and accountability in government.

Chapter III. Public Awareness

  1. The government of Carcassonne shall undertake efforts to ensure widespread public awareness of the “Transparency and Responsibility Oath Act” and its significance in strengthening democratic values and the rule of law.