Protocols of the Senate

Protocols of the Senate
Chapter I. Execution

  1. The scheduling, opening, closing, and counting of votes shall be executed by any available Senator who chooses to do so.
  2. A person shall be unavailable if they should recuse themselves because the vote is to remove them from office or otherwise directly affect them.

Chapter II. Votes

  1. Votes shall last at least seventy-two (72) hours.
  2. Votes shall include at least one weekend day (24h) and weekday (24h).
  3. The length of a vote shall be determined in advance and announced with the opening of the vote.
  4. A vote may be closed early if all Senators have voted on the motion.

Chapter III. Motions

  1. Any Senator may motion to vote anything the Senate may vote on.
  2. No proposal may come to a vote without the consent of the author.
  3. When a motion is made and seconded, and the consent of the author is present, a vote shall be scheduled.
  4. If the issue of a State of Emergency is being voted on, or if the region is in the midst of a State of Emergency as defined by the Regional Security Act, voting periods may be shortened by the unanimous consent of the Senate.

Proposal one should elect a Senator-Chancellor for consistency with our other offices.

Proposal two doesn’t require I.3

I would add, to Chapter II of both proposals, that a vote may be closed early if every unrecused Senator has voted. Not sure if we need to keep III.4 in that case though.

I have updated the bill(s) with these proposals.

Shall we have a vote in the style of the Ecclesia, with proposal 1, proposal 2, and none of the above as options?