[Proposal/Migrated to different topic] Regional Security Act

Chapter I. Endorsement Caps

  1. The Senate may impose limits on the number of World Assembly endorsements resident nations may receive, hereafter referred to as “endorsement caps”. Such endorsement caps shall be enforced by the Monarch and the Senate.

  2. Endorsement caps may discriminate between nations on the basis of the endorsements they have given, their citizenship status or the public offices they hold, but no nation may be subject to an endorsement limit of less than five (5).

  3. The Senate shall ensure that information on all current endorsement caps is easily and publicly accessible, and shall promptly and publicly announce any changes made to them.

Chapter II. States of Emergency

  1. Should foreign or domestic enemies depose or attempt to depose the legitimate Monarch or Regent of Cacassonne by usurping the position of World Assembly delegate, the Monarch or Senate may declare a state of emergency under the terms of this Act.

  2. Should the Monarch of Carcassonne be subject to forced abdication following a vote of the Senate and refuse to relinquish the position if World Assembly delegate, the Senate may declare a state of emergency under the terms of ths act.

  3. Upon the declaration of a state of emergency, the Monarch or Senate will inform all residents of Carcassonne via telegram that legitimate directives and laws will only originate on the regional Discord or forums.

  4. During a state of emergency, the Monarch and Senate shall be authorized to take any and all actions necessary to restore regional security, including:

    a. Ejecting or banning nations endorsing a hostile nation;

    b. Ejecting or nations not endorsing the Monarch, senators or other designated friendly nations;

    c. Establishing a regional password; and

    d. Seeking a liberation or injunction from the World Assembly Security Council without the approval of the Ecclesia.

  5. During a State of Emergency, the Monarch and Senate shall not voluntarily move their nations out of Carcassonne, except temporarily in the course of opposing occupying forces.

  6. During a state of emergency, the government of Carcassonne shall:

    a. Approach regional allies for assistance;

    b. Inform citizens and allies of the legitimate line of succession;

    c. If ejected, establish a government-in-exile in a new region; and

    d. Undertake whatever other actions are required to oppose occupying forces.

  7. Should the legitimate Monarch or Regent reclaim the position of World Assembly delegate, or should the government of Carcassonne be reconstituted elsewhere, The Monarch and Senate may declare that the state of emergency has come to an end when.

Chapter III. Implementation

  1. The Endorsement Cap Act of A.R. 10 is hereby repealed.
  2. This chapter shall not be recorded as part of the Civil Code.