[DRAFT] Senate Clarification Act

Senate Clarification Act

Chapter 3 of the Constitution shall be amended as follows:

  1. There shall be a Senate composed of distinguished citizens which shall be responsible for the continuation of the State.
  2. The Senate may admit citizens in good standing, who have continuously held their citizenship for six months, as senators by a two-thirds majority vote. Should a senator forfeit their citizenship, they shall forfeit the office of senator.
    1. The Senate may remove a senator by a two-thirds majority vote of its total membership. The Monarch may remove a senator subject to such a vote as a regional officer while the vote is ongoing.
  3. Senators shall possess a World Assembly nation and shall endorse the Monarch unless on campaign while serving as member of the army or otherwise recieving a waiver by the Monarch. Should a senator cease to meet this requirement for a week, they shall forfeit the office of senator.
  4. The Senate shall establish among its members an order of seniority. Should circumstance require it, the most senior available senator shall serve as Regent.
  5. Should the Monarch abdicate, cease to exist or forfeit the office of World Assembly Delegate without the advice and consent of the Senate, the Senate shall elect a new Monarch from among its members. The Regent shall assume the powers and duties of the Monarchy until a new Monarch assumes the Throne.
  6. The Monarch may temporarily forfeit the position of World Assembly delegate with the advice and consent of the Senate. Should the Monarch do so, the Regent shall assume the onsite position of World Assembly Delegate until the Monarch reassumes the office of World Assembly Delegate.
  7. The Senate shall hear appeals of criminal trials.
  8. The Senate shall determine the constitutionality of both decrees of the Monarch and laws of the Ecclesia.
    1. The Ecclesia may overturn any such decision by a (INSERT THRESHOLD HERE) majority vote.
  9. The Senate may compel the Monarch to abdicate by an absolute two-thirds majority vote.
  10. Any and all powers and privileges essential to the necessary functioning of the Senate are reserved to the Senate.
    1. Clarification on the responsibilities and operation of the Senate may be provided for by Law with the advice and consent of the Senate.