[DRAFT] Peerage and Nobility Act

Peerage and Nobility Act

  1. Articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution are amended as follows:
  1. The Regional Security Act is amended as follows:

I am presenting this bill to consolidate several suggestions that have been raised in regards to the future composition of the Senate. As Carcassonne continues to expand as a region, the role the Senate has played in this development is somewhat out of sync with the institution’s constitutional responsibilities.

Specifically, the Senate has a dual gameside security and political role. This separates those two roles into the “royalty” - which is to say, those holding high endorsement counts and border control - and “nobility,” who retain the rest of the Senate’s current powers. This also grants the Monarch the ability to add new titles of nobility for Senators.

Might want to add something that allows for gender-neutral royalty titles instead of just Emperor and Empress. Royal, Ruler, or Sovereign mayhaps? Otherwise I support what I’ve read from this so far, I’ll give more feedback if I think necessary.

I think this is an elegant solution to the question of how the Senate should evolve. My only comment is that I believe we should keep an explicit instruction that the Senate should formally elect a new Monarch in the event the current one can no longer serve. In Section 2.5, I propose something like “the Regent shall assume the powers and duties of the Monarchy until the Senate may hold an Imperial Election from among its members” (or something).

EDIT: Apparently, under Napoleon, the Crown Prince was styled the Prince Imperial.

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I like this. I would like provisions for granting lesser titles as well but that might be better as Law for the details.

Related, how would this interface with the new Vanguard Act?