[DRAFT] Mini Friendship Act

Author’s Note:

The Full Friendship Act can be found here: https://discourse.carcassonne.site/t/draft-full-friendship-act/119?u=porfloxonne

Differences from full version:

  • The Ecclesia will no longer be notified when treaty negotiations begin. They will instead be held in secret.
  • The Ecclesia will no longer advise the Minister-President on treaty negotiations
  • The Ecclesia may no longer request information on treaty negotiations
  • The Ecclesia will no longer provide input on opening and closing embassies with other regions. Instead, the Minister-President and Monarch may decide between themselves and bypass the Ecclesia.

Friendship Act

Chapter 1: Definitions

  1. A treaty shall be defined as any binding agreement with a foreign region or organization.
  2. Embassies shall refer only to the embassies found on the region’s World Factbook Entry.

Chapter 2: Treaties

  1. Treaties shall by treated with the same force as any law passed by the Ecclesia.
    1. Should a part or whole of a treaty contradict regional Law or the Constitution, all parts of the treaty in violation shall be null and void.
    2. Should a part or whole of a treaty contradict another treaty, all parts of the text most recently approved by the Ecclesia and in contradiction shall be null and void.
      response in a complete and truthful manner or formally decline to do so.
  2. When presenting a treaty for approval by the Ecclesia, the Minister-President must provide complete and truthful information on the aims and effects of such a treaty.
    1. Citizens may ask questions or otherwise petition the Minister-President to provide further information regarding anything related to the treaty.
      1. Should such a petition receive the support of 5 citizens, the Minister-President must either prompt response in a complete and truthful manner or formally decline to do so.
  3. Should a treaty empower Carcassonne to vote in an inter-regional organization, the Minister-President must receive the advice and consent of the Ecclesia whenever possible before placing such a vote.
    1. Should the Minister-President place a vote with the advice and consent of the Ecclesia, they must promptly inform the Ecclesia of their vote and reasoning for refusing to obtain Ecclesia consent.
      1. With the consent of the Monarch or Senate, the Minister-President may refuse to inform the Ecclesia of such a vote.

Chapter 3: Hostile Regions

  1. The Citizen-Speaker shall maintain an official list of Hostile Regions.
    1. This list shall be publicly available to all citizens.
    2. This list shall include names of regions as well as reasoning for their being on the list.
  2. The Minister-President may propose changes to the list, including adding or removing regions or changing reasonings.
    1. To take effect, these changes must by approved by a majority of at least 60% of voting citizens.
    2. All regions tagged as “Fascist” shall be considered hostile by default.
  3. Members of Hostile Regions may not become citizens of Carcassonne.
    1. Former members of a hostile region must first obtain permission from the Senate.
  4. Citizens of Carcassonne who become members of a currently Hostile Region may be charged with sedition, but it shall not be a crime to be a member of hostile region before said region was designated as such.
  5. The Grand Army of Carcassonne is authorized and encouraged to take military action against Hostile Regions.