[DRAFT] Administration of Region Platforms Act

Chapter 1: Definition and Ownership

  1. “Regional Platforms” shall be defined as any communications or other website or platform created by the government of Carcassonne for use by the region.
    1. The regional message boards of Carcassonne and other regions controlled by the government of Carcassonne shall be Regional Platforms.

Chapter 2: Administration

  1. Administration and technical management of Regional Platforms shall be entrusted to the Monarch, or other Citizens nominated by the Monarch and confirmed.
  2. Moderation of Regional Platforms shall be entrusted to the Monarch.
    1. The Monarch may nominate additional moderators to fulfill this responsibility.
    2. During nomination, the Monarch must specify the specific authority granted to each moderator.
      1. Changes to the authority of any moderator must be confirmed.
    3. Moderators may be removed at any time by the Monarch or through the confirmation process.
  3. Unless specified otherwise by this Act or the Monarch, all Citizens shall have the right to join and communicate on Regional Platforms.
    1. This right may be suspended temporarily by moderators for violations of the Community Standards specificed in this Act.

Chapter 3: Confirmations

  1. All confirmations shall require a 2/3 majority of both the Ecclesia and Senate.

Chapter 4: Community Standards

  1. Be respectful. Do not insult, antagonize or threaten others.
  2. No spam. This includes repetitive, nonsensical or overly long messages. Multiposting is strongly discouraged. If you need to add to your previous post, use the edit button. Very long text should be hidden using the spoiler tag.
  3. No inappropriate material. All posts should be appropriate for anyone as young as 13.
  4. No malicious edits. When quoting another post, you can change the contents of the quote. Do you not use this to misrepresent what others have said.
  5. No recruitment for other regions. This includes linking to other regions without a good reason.
  6. Follow the site rules. These are rules set by the site, and can be found here: NationStates • View topic - The One Stop Rules Shop