Dirigo - the Frontierist Newspaper

Dirigo - the Frontierist Newspaper
May 6, 2024
11th Sidéral, 10 AR

Editor’s note

Dirigo is a newspaper written by and for Frontierists. Frontierism is a NationStates gameplay ideology developed in the early days of the Frontier update by several leading Frontier regions. Its first “manifesto”, On True Frontiers, was published by the late Chairman Marim Grunzy of the region of Community. Its second, On Wastelands, was published by myself during my term as Minister-President of Carcassonne. Its third and latest, On Frontier Solidarity, was published jointly by the leaders of FOCUS, a Frontierist multilateral alliance.

Frontierist praxis is conducted regularly by the Grand Army of the Crowned Republic, Carcassonne’s NationStates military, led by His Imperial Majesty Ysengrim, as well as by allies in FOCUS and friends to our movement.

What is the purpose and thrust of Frontierist ideology? To create a mass movement representing the interests of Frontier regions, comprising the very regions that it represents. Frontiers find themselves pressured on two sides: by “wastelands” - small, low-effort frontiers that siphon their spawns, and by NationStates players stuck in old habits: raiders conquering vulnerable Frontiers and defenders keeping wastelands alive, inadvertently allowing them to continue to steal new nations from more suitable regions.

Frontierists must take a two-pronged approach to these challenges: first, they must dismantle wastelands whenever they shoot up. Like parasites, these wastelands take spawns that should go to more developed Frontiers. Second, they should stand in solidarity with other, true Frontiers. There are a number of ways Frontierists can uplift one another: creating an engaged populace, knowledgable about NationStates gameplay, that can respond to raids against true Frontiers; uniting formally in alliances such as FOCUS, or sharing techniques and methods to build and strengthen their fellow Frontiers on the domestic front.

Dirigo will publish opinion and interest pieces pertaining to NationStates gameplay as it affects Frontiers specifically. If you, reader, are interested in contributing an article, reach out to me, Pauline Bonaparte, through telegram or on Discord.

Challenges facing Frontiers today

The frontier of Eclipsis was recently invaded, occupied, and refounded by raider forces. In their propaganda, raiders made much of the failure of defenders to rescue the besieged region, with only one major liberation attempt undertaken. There was widespread speculation before the invasion of Eclipsis that major raider action was being planned; the Security Council queue having been “stuffed”: filled with fluff proposals to postpone the inevitable defender-authored libjunct that would be drafted after the invasion. Despite these clues, defender response was lackluster.

Indeed, defenders seem to have been on the back foot these past few months. Organizing liberations is serious work, much more work than organizing raids. It requires knowing the movers and shakers in major NS militaries, sending telegrams and DMs, and uniting disparate regions following a multitude of ideologies. All of this must also be completed under a time crunch, after a major raid, while the invaders accumulate influence.

It is little wonder that only those defenders with boundless energy and time can organize liberations. When these players become busy, tired, or demoralized, it becomes harder to do this.

How should the Frontierist approach this situation? A common criticism levied against our camp is that Frontierists are ourselves raiders, due to our diligence towards the task of dismantling wastelands. Au contraire - the Frontierist should be disappointed about the fall of Eclipsis, a sizable new region in need of guidance.

Frontiers, united, can provide the energy needed to protect themselves. Our great strength is the passion of young players, constantly infused into our regions!

Eclipsis is a symbol of a greater challenge facing frontiers; our disunity, comparative absence in gameplay, and inward-focus. Carcassonne remains a leader among frontiers, with the largest military guided by Frontierist thought. Our new government has an opportunity to strengthen not just our own position, but those of other regions.

Our new government should first aim to reinvigorate FOCUS, expanding its scope and military resources. Shared WA policy among FOCUS members can ensure that the voices of Frontiers are represented on the Security Council and in the General Assembly, and sharing military resources and organization can ensure that our militaries are not purely reliant on Libcord to arrange liberations when one of our own is threatened.

Our new Minister-President should appoint Cabinet members and advisors that can share gameplay and foreign affairs expertise. One of the great advantages of Frontiers is that they are infused with new blood from new players, but leadership should also remember to rely on more experienced players as well. By combining both old and new, we can strengthen our diplomacy and image abroad.

Third, our new government should focus on forging new relationships with frontiers and strengthening the relationships with “fellow travelers” who recognize the potential in our movement, such as Lone Wolves United and The West Pacific. Carcassonne is well positioned to form a strong bloc that can challenge the old two-pole paradigm, which is desperate need of a refresh.

Finally, there are things our new government should avoid: taking one side in this tired paradigm, or submitting ourselves to foreign powers. The great strength of the Frontier update is its ability to upset the ancient powers that have ruled NS for twenty years. It is clear now, a year out, that it is only through our unity as Frontiers that we can do this. Picking a “side” would merely replicate the dynamic that has led to the current situation, with Frontiers being either assimilated or picked off by predators. The other side of this coin concerns our diplomacy. Many major regions see alliances more as treaties of vassalage than a commitment made between two friends. We cannot change our identity as a region in order to create alliances. This would be sacrificing our long-term health as a region for short-term security assurances.

Our new government takes office at a pivotal time in NationStates. The Frontier update is a year old, but both challenges and opportunities lie on the road ahead. The actions of our Crowned Republic will be crucial to determining if Frontiers will use their power to change the game, or merely become another battle ground in the endless war. Vive Carcassonne!


Just finished reading the article, and I must admit, this explains a lot about how we Carcassonnais are more devoted to our values as a frontier so dear. Eclipsis’ struggle to liberate themselves from a vast raider force is a lesson that we must consider, and we aspire to do what we can to keep Carcassonne as a prime example of Frontierist action. True, the event has reached the point of concern as a community, and we are determined never to let our region fall under the hands of conquerors. What’s important for us now is that we must consider bringing up our FOCUS allies again to foster common dialogue and continue to spread the word of this brand-new Frontierist ideology.


Couldn’t think of anyone better to spread the dream of a wasteland-free NS. I love this.