Citizen masking


Could I please be given citizen masking, or whatever the appropriate masking is that allows the user to post in the Ecclesia? My nation in Carcassonne is Comfedian Runes.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post such a request or if the request is out of order.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is this for the Ecclesia on the discord server?

No the Ecclesia on the forums.

I don’t have perms to do that since this is still in testing. Porflox, admins, Senators, help me out!

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Me too. I want to share my opinions on proposals and shtuff.

I have recently became a citizen in nationstates. shoudln’t that mean i should have my citizen masking? i wanna post in the Ecclesia and give my opinions too.
If you still don’t know , my nation is Thebernesen.
Also i don’t use discord so on the forums please :slight_smile:

Thanks and good luck for all!


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Did it, figured it out