Carcassonne chat

Here is the place where you can just chat about Carcassonne, worship Ysengrim and get away from preppy girl talk in the rmb.

Gaslight gatekeep girlboss

This makes me fucking die inside fr

Yaaasss kween werk.

*screams in masculine *

Lol, be anything you wanna be.


i love carcassonne i wish france was real

France is real you flamethrower addict

liar, france is indeed not real.

Then your rights aren’t real

Oh wait, they never fucking were.

That was certainly a comeback.

Yeah no, it isn’t, we made it up

Please, language. We don’t say Fr*nce on this forum.


Am i the only one here who’s not fucking insane

I would say you killed my internal self but alas i’m already dead inside

What’s up my broskis

Just chillin’ right now, you?