Best festival ever!

Listen up scallywags! Ye’re invited to a marvellous gatherin’ of pirates from across the seven seas of NationStates! Come along with swashbucklers from The East Pacific, The Pacific and Carcassonne fer’ a four day event.

The event will feature

  • Game Nights!
  • A Pirates of the Caribbean watch-party!
  • A very piratey Hung… no I meant PLUNDER GAMES!
  • Two separate game raffles!
  • Other assorted minigames n’ competitions!

Don’t miss it, or ye’ll be on a one-way trip to Davy Jones’s Locker!

Join: Rogue Rendezvous 2024


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I like it , But it’s in discord which i don’t use.
So i can’t go to it. :cry:

Me neither. I was on forced hiatus so i missed it