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Me too gosh dang it :expressionless:

also about my timezone , it’s GMT -3 and at the time i’m posting this it’s 9:30 pm

Bruh , so i can’t get into the citizen group?

I could role you but I legit can’t see where the UI is.

If you can find it and give me civ role that would be :sparkles: amazing :sparkles:


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WAIT, THAT’S NOT A SPIDER CREATURE? AWWW IZ DOG! Stop making me not post this message, discourse.


Screenshot 2024-05-04 210454
Screenshot 2024-05-04 211519

Screenshot 2024-05-04 211544


I want to love him
Give me coordinates

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Which dog, 2nd one is off limits since it’s mine😀

ALL OF THEM, I want all the dogs!!

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Woah now bud, the 2nd one is my do so I’m not giving coordinates, idk the others though

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Do a Zetronius Annihilation

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fire in the lol
AI when it tries to represent Fire in the hole be like